High climbing rat travels on phone cable 11 floors up

This short video is testament to the resolve and durability combined with intelligence of the common rat. They will find a way to survive. And they have great balance as well! I think the rat is unfairly maligned and denigrated. The reason why they are is because they are so numerous. And the reason why they are so numerous is because they are great survivors. People don’t like creatures who push them out of their comfort zone and space. Humans like to be dominant and dictate terms on animals. But the rat pushes back and constantly invades human space. The rat is defiant in the face of human dominance. Any animal who does this is branded a pest and vermin. An animal that needs to be killed as quickly as possible and ideally in great numbers to once again reinforce human dominance.

I know I’m taking a rather bizarre standpoint but there is some truth in what I’m saying. Of course, people reason that they have to kill rats in great numbers because they spread disease but this is what people always say when they want to kill animals. They say the same thing about feral cats or stray cats.

The irony is that humans spread far more disease to themselves than any of these maligned animals. This is because each species of animal has their own viruses. Most viruses don’t cross the barrier between species. This means they are not zoonotic. It is only zoonotic diseases such as the Covid virus which come from the animal world to infect us. And when these viruses do travel from animals to people it is almost invariably the fault of people as is the case, once again, with Covid. It is believed that the virus originates in abuses by Chinese people at their wet markets where they slaughter animals in unregulated ways, on the spot, causing fluid from the animal to be ejected and inhaled by the perpetrator. Either that or the virus comes from the Wuhan lab which has been much talked about. Either way it is a human problem.

Therefore, no matter how you slice and dice this issue it’s down to people as usual but, of course, people are too arrogant to sometimes realise this. Personally, I have an admiration for the common rat. And I believe that humans should treat all animals with the same respect. We shouldn’t be so eager to slaughter but the find ways to live with them in harmony. I’m not saying that we should embrace the common rat. I’m just saying that we should reflect on human behaviour. That reflection should lead us to a recognition that there are too many of us and in developing countries human procreation is at too high a rate.


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