Heroic sniffer dog sits in House Of Commons Speaker’s chair

Poppy sits in Speakers chair

Poppy, a sniffer dog that checked Borough Market for explosives after the 2017 London Bridge terror attack, was given permission by the Speaker to sit in his chair during a sweep of the Commons with her handler, PC Spalding.

Poppy sits in Speakers chair

Poppy sits in Speakers chair. Photo: UK PARLIAMENT/JESSICA TAYLOR

Poppy was awarded a canine OBE for carrying out her dangerous task in 2017. The terrorist attack killed eight people. Poppy, who is now five years of age, went into the buildings and cleared them for armed officers after the attack was quelled.

So Lindsay Hoyle, the Speaker, said that he felt honoured to meet poppy and her handler. He said that we are lucky to have a police dog searching Parliament every day to keep parliamentarians and their staff say. Poppy bumped into Sir Lindsay Hoyle while carrying out her duties.

PC Spalding said that he was really nice and that it was obvious that he loves dogs. Sir Lindsay is in complete contrast to his predecessor. He is a very capable Speaker who oils the works of Parliament rather than creates an antagonistic atmosphere as his predecessor did.