Great video of a drone used to rescue a dog missing for 10 days

If you love animals your love this video. It’s the best of people. And the guy who successfully searched for a lost dog using his drone is a really impressive bloke. He is top notch. So, I think you’ll like him as well. His name is Brian. He’s a professional videographer. He read about a missing Golden Retriever dog posted online 10 days earlier. The dog went missing when heading into a forest.

Meadow scampers towards Brian who's making the video
Meadow scampers towards Brian who’s making the video. This is the moment Meadow runs towards her rescuers after she’d be lost for 10 days in the forest.

Note: This is a video from another website. Sometimes they are deleted at source which stops them working on this site. If that has happened, I apologise but I have no control over it.

People living in the town of Andes, New York, had given up finding Meadow who had gone missing on November 11.

Meadow went missing when Garry and Debbie Morgan from Ohio were transporting her to family members Carole and Bill. It was a nine-hour journey. Meadow broke loose from the elderly couple while they were unpacking their car. She bolted into the nearby forest attached to her leash.

They searched for a week and the residents assisted. By the second weekend many had lost hope. And then Brian Afflixio, 28, came to the rescue.

He noticed Meadow’s story on the Reddit social media website and also a posting on the Catskills community forum. After his usual morning hike, he headed towards the home of Carole and Bill which was about a 90-minute drive.

That’s when the video starts. As it happened, Carole and Bill were both out but a neighbour confirmed that Meadow was still missing.

Brian headed out down the road, pulled over and took out his drone and started searching. He almost gave up but then saw a white speck which looked like a branch on the ground but when he zoomed in, he realised that it was Meadow.

He got close in his car and used GPS tracking to pinpoint Meadow. He had “dropped a GPS pin above her location”.

As stated in the title, this is a really wonderful video. It’s quite tense and very nicely produced. I’m impressed by both the quality of the video and more importantly by the quality of this guy.

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