German Shepherd protects child from neighbour’s dog attack

A cool if disturbing video. It shows once again the protective nature of the domestic dog towards other pack animals which of course includes the human family who cares for him. It is a little bit confusing for a dog as their pack is comprised of humans who don’t look like dogs. But I guess 20,000 years of domestication has overcome that little hurdle.

There is an instant reaction from the German Shepherd as he sees the neighbour’s dog race towards the boy playing in the front garden (front yard). To the attacking dog the boy was a perfect prey animal. Just the right size and movement.

It proves that the innate hunting and predatory instinct of the domestic dog is rooted inside them subdued by eons of domestication. It is timely reminder that dogs are predators as are domestic cats. And we live with them and love their company.

Dog attack on boy. German Shepherd protects boy
Dog attack on boy. German Shepherd protects boy. Screenshot

They say you should always respect the fact that your dog or cat are just that and not little people.

I wonder how these neighbours will get along in the future. You can see some tensions building up over the behaviour of the attacking dog. I’d wonder if the dog was inherently dangerous.

It he or she feels an urge to attack a child playing innocently in the garden in means that they are likely to be assessed as dangerous. Technically that should lead to the euthanasia of the dog.

In the US a dog has to be in control at all times and if not, I think you’ll find that it is breaking the law. Clearly this dog was out of the control of their owner. That could lead to a criminal prosecution.

There are some outstanding issues to deal with her after this unhappy event. It can’t be left like this without addressing the underlying problem as elucidated.

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