From Texas to Florida: Couple drove more than 20 hours to reunite with dog stolen 6 years ago

A Texas couple recently drove more than 20 hours to be reunited with their Chihuahua mix. who turned up over 1,000 miles from home. The 15-year-old dog was stolen from their backyard six years ago.

stolen dog found
King, stolen from Texas, was found in Florida (screenshot)

The Vasquez family had given up hope of ever seeing “King” again. The family put up posters and a reward was offered at the time of his disappearance but King was never found. Until Sunday when a woman in Florida surrendered King to the Humane Society of Broward County.

This happy ending is another case of why microchipping a pet is so important. Since King was over 1,000 miles from home, no one would have thought a Texas dog would turn up in Florida. I’ve written on many, many cases where the family pet was located hundreds or thousands of miles away with no clue how the pet traveled so far.

Debra Vasquez stated during an interview with CBS Miami Local

So happy to have him back in our family where he belongs. And she (a family member) just put her dog down on the 18th. We are thinking maybe the dog that passed away brought him to us.

Microchipping your pet is more important now more than ever. Between natural disasters and just plain old bad luck, your pet needs to have a method of communication should it be separated from family.

I’m convinced this story wouldn’t have a happy ending if King hadn’t been microchipped. Just be sure to keep the contact information up to date and to have the chip checked when your pet is at the vet just to ensure it hasn’t moved around in the body.


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