Fourfold increase in vegans in UK since 2014

There has been a quadrupling in the population of vegan Britons since 2014 until last year, 2019. This represents about 1.2% of the population. With that impressive back story, it is pleasant to report that vegan meat substitutes have made their way onto the Michelin one Star list at the Harwood Arms in south-west London. They have a one Michelin star where they serve up a vegetarian Scotch egg accompanied by a plant-based bacon.

Harwood Arms
Harwood Arms. Photo: Google.

The gastropub is known for its focus on British food in game. They experienced a rise in demand for meat-free food which encouraged them to include the Glamorgan Scotch egg. It costs £5.50 and is made from a mixture of herbs, leaks, and vegan bacon.

The head chef is Sally Abe. Her team had spent time perfecting the recipe. She said that their venison Scotch eggs have become favourites over the years. They felt confident that a vegetarian version would also be successful but they had to deliver on taste and texture. They partnered with the plant-based meat brand This in making the dish. The alternative to bacon is created with soy.

One of the co-founders of the restaurant, Andy Shovel said that he was delighted that the staff wanted to go for this menu and that their collaboration “represents a major step forward in plant-based food innovation….”.

He says that the restaurant staff can pat themselves on the back for the award but also that the chefs “don’t mess about when it comes to ingredients”.

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