FAKE? Tense video of dog trapped in a gargantuan mining hole

On the face of it, this is a good dog rescue for obvious reasons. The video does beg some questions though. The first question that I have is, “why was this dog so near this huge hole?” Why was this dog in the area where this mining was taken place? Was the video set up; scripted? Having thought about it I believe that it is. It just seems too strange and abnormal for a dog to be wandering around what is an opencast mine of some sort and then falling into a hole. Just seems almost impossible to me.

Fake dog rescue!??
Fake dog rescue!??

It has to be realised that there are many fake animal rescue videos on the internet. Most are on YouTube where the uploader can use Google AdSense to generate income. Most are from developing nations where the kind of money earned through Adsense is substantial. A good, heavy hitting, video can earn quite a lot of money over time (circa $2000). This promotes animal abuse by putting them in harm’s way and then saving them. The whole rescue video can be scripted.

The second point is that the mechanical digger operator has been very kind and very skilful in saving the dog. He might have harmed the animal because it’s quite hard to manipulate a machine that large precisely enough to ensure that the dog is unharmed. However…

The operator dumps the dog from quite a height once they’ve been scooped up from the hole. The scoop must have been about 10-12 feet above the ground when the dog was discharged from it. Why did the operator have to do it that way? Why couldn’t he have placed the scoop just above the ground? I find that very strange too. The dog could and might have been harmed.

The last point indicates to me that the operator was asked to participate in this fake dog rescue and agreed to do so reluctantly which explains the rough way that the dog is thrown from the bucket at the end.

Of course, I am guessing the whole time. I don’t know and I am cynical but I sense that I am correct.

Below are some more dog rescues. But are these fakes too!?

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