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Epically sweet young cockapoo is adorable during grooming

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12-week-old cockapoo is adorable when being professionally groomed

For a dog or cat, going to a professional groomer might be stressful. It depends on the individual cat or dog, of course. But there is potential for stress and for errors. The first point is that the groomer in the video below is very gentle and respectful which is great to see. And this 12-week-old cockapoo will melt your heart. It is not often that I am totally enamoured of a dog but this little fella behaves epically well throughout the entire grooming process from shampooing to drying, to having his nails clipped and the hair around his eyes and paws trimmed. I guess each one of these tasks might phase out some dogs to a certain extent but this boy takes it all in his stride. He is completely unperturbed and almost goes to sleep while he is being warm air dried after his shampooing.

Note: This is a video from another website which is embedded here. Sometimes they are deleted at source which stops them working on this site. If that has happened, I apologise but I have no control over it.

Although the video is very sweet and this groomer is very good, there have been some disasters at professional groomers. Some time ago I wrote an article in which I said that there are three reasons why pet owners should not use professional groomers.

The first reason is that rarely but significantly cats and dogs have died at professional groomers. I can recall on one occasion there were cats and dogs in the same grooming facility and a dog attacked a cat and killed him or her. And there was a report of one much-loved cat dying of unknown causes. You don’t know what happens because you drop off your cat or dog and come back later. You don’t know how they are handling your precious companion animal.

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In one grooming disaster at Petco in Providence, Rhode Island, USA, a cat died of hypothermia at a cat grooming business. In fact, the cat died of a heart attack as an animal hospital after suffering hypothermia.

Thirdly, there are no regulations governing commercial dog and cat groomers in most if not all places on the planet. Legislators don’t consider it necessary. There is regulation of veterinary medicine and veterinary practices. There is regulation of veterinary drugs. There is no regulation of professional grooming businesses.

In the UK there are qualifications that a pet groomer can aspire to. This helps. Perhaps a customer should ask for their qualifications before contracting with a pet groomer.

There is a small risk in leaving your cat or dog with a groomer. I think you need to do due diligence. Get some recommendations before you select one. Once you’ve found one who is good then you can rely on them to be respectful and careful. The problem is that accidents can occur due to carelessness. Accidents which result in injury or death. Another incident has come to my mind while I am writing this. A cat was placed in an enclosed space for drying after shampooing and the machine was either set at the wrong temperature or the cat was left in the drier too long. The heat killed her. A terrible death. Something careless and simple like that can result in something very devastating for the cat caregiver. I’d put this down to a lack of regulation by local authorities under statute.

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