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Electrician saves his Jack Russell from choking to death on cheese

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Man saves his dog from choking to death

I think this is a genuine video but once again I wonder why was someone filming this . You know, at the very moment that his Jack Russell dog was going into a fit because he was choking on cheese. At these times of rare emergencies it is very unusual to have someone next to you who has a video camera at the ready to film the whole thing. Admittedly most of use have a smartphone these days with us but it seems strange to me that this was so successfully captured on video. That said, it is interesting. He used the ‘Heimlich manoeuvre’ on his choking pet or a variant of it. The other two dogs eat what the Jack Russell throws up. Typical of dogs who eat anything including the faeces of cats in their cat litter trays.

Electrician saves his Jack Russell from chocking to death using the Heimlich manoeuvre