‘Dogsplay’ is a media center to entertain dogs home alone

Dogsplay is a media center in which dogs can watch television, look at photographs, listen to music and even keep in touch with their owner/caregiver through a conferencing system. It is the creation of a South Korean company. They have a website which you can see by clicking on this link if it interests you. I am all for it being successful but I have doubts.

Dogsplay, an entertainment center for home alone dogs

The company promotes the product by saying that for dogs time moves seven times more slowly than for humans. They’ve based that assumption on the fact that the dog’s lifespan is seven times shorter than humans.

Or to put that another way, one dog year is seven human years. And I think their reasoning that this means that the passage of time is seven times slower is incorrect.

You could argue it should be seven times faster but in truth the lifespan of a dog has no bearing on their perception of the passage of time because time always travels at the same speed and dogs have a good perception of the passage of time, something similar, I would argue, to that which is perceived by humans.

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DogsPlay dog media center

Nonetheless, I think it’s a good idea if dog owners can do anything to try and entertain their dogs. Experts say that dogs should not be left alone for more than four hours at a time. I am sure that many dogs are left alone for much longer than that.

Being a sceptical old man, I don’t think that this product will help alleviate the home alone loneliness that might be felt by a dog. Sorry, perhaps I should be more optimistic.

Have you seen some of those videos with dogs left alone at home and how they yell and misbehave in the eyes of people but they simply react instinctively to what is an unpleasant experience?

Key features in the words of the manufacturer are:

  • Dog filter: optimises visuals to cater to dog’s viewing satisfaction;
  • Dog speaker: delivers a richer, dog-friendly audio experience;
  • Dogflix, dog music and dog photo: Keeps them engaged with unlimited pet media;
  • Dog call an app: provides a simple user interface and stays connected with your pup throughout real-time interaction.
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