Dog with coronavirus mask on motorcycle in Vietnam

This is a really nice photograph of a dog on a motorcycle in Vietnam wearing a coronavirus face covering as is his human companion and his friend. Vietnam has a very low infection and death rate from this virus so I guess these people are taking extra precautions. Perhaps it is their attitude which is keeping the infection rate low. However, some veterinarians and companion animal experts believe that it is unkind for a dog or cat to wear a face mask because it can be dangerous particularly with respect to certain breeds who have difficulty breathing anyway. I think we will put that aside for one moment and enjoy the photo. However, I think there is though an element of showing off by the dog’s owner. The dog needs to complete the picture by wearing a helmet as well 🙂 .

Dog with coronavirus mask in motor cycle in Vietnam
Dog with coronavirus mask in motor cycle in Vietnam. Photo: LUONG THAI LINH/EPA.

Note: I hope you will allow me the liberty of publishing the picture here.

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