Dog barks in cursive!

Dog writes in cursive

What the hell do I mean? The words aren’t mine as it happens. But the word “cursive” means to write joined up handwriting. So the words flow off the hand and onto the paper. And it looks like this long hair is flowing like water so there’s the connection; the word flow”. A flowing handwriting and a flowing dog’s coat. The dog, as you might have guessed, is an Afghan hound.

Some people have questioned whether the photograph taken on the beach is genuine. I think it is genuine but I’m sure why the dog is wearing a strange collar. I suspect it is to keep the hair that is falling from his or her head getting into his eyes or something like that. He does have particularly long hair which must get into his eyes!

Some information about the Afghan hound:

The Afghan hound genuinely does come from Afghanistan. That’s their place of origin. Incidentally, I have not capitalised the word “hound”. I don’t think you should do it because it is not a proper noun. Whereas ‘Afghan’ is. Wikipedia capitalises the word. I’m digressing. This breed predates the modern dog breeds of the 19th century. It appears to have a long history and there are 13 known types of Afghan hound in Afghanistan.

These variants of the Afghan hound are being eyed up for development into purebred dogs. It seems that they were first brought to England by army officers in the 1800s when they returned from British India, Afghanistan and Persia.

In 1907 a well-known dog named Zardin was brought from India by Capt Bariff. The dog fitted the breed standard very well and became, as I understand, it a guideline for the breed standard. A second strain from this dog breed was imported from a kennel in Kabul, Afghanistan to England in 1925. This was just after the Afghan war in 1919 and the importation was carried out by Mrs Mary Amps.

As you can imagine the breed is very popular at dog shows and they are recognised by all the major kennel clubs in the English-speaking world. I don’t see them going for walks where I go for walks. Perhaps they are bit too big for the average dog owner. They are 61–74 cm (24–29 in) tall and weigh 20–27 kg (44–60 lb). The sort of dogs that I see regularly are much smaller normally which probably reflects the modern trend of adopting what I would call toy dogs because they are more manageable in a busier and less certain world.


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