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Do goats lick their human caretaker out of affection or for the salt in their sweat?

The words accompanying this video are that the goats are licking this woman out of affection. I have no doubt, by the way, that the goats have a lot of affection for this woman. I have a strong sense that she is a good person and is very tender towards her goats. However, research quickly indicates that goats like to lick salt and they need it to be healthy and to grow properly. It is stated that mountain goats can travel long distances in order to find salt to lick. My conclusion about this video is that there are two operating factors, (1) goats like to lick salt and salt is on the skin of people because they sweat and (2) they are pleased to see her and want to show their affection. Of the two, the former is probably the stronger motivator. I suspect that they equate their human companion with two benefits one of which is being fed and being a companion and the other is that this particular human produces salt which they like to lick.


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