Danger! Dog groomer uses long, curved scissors to trim the hair in front of a puppy’s eyes

Puppy has the hair in front of his eyes trimmed so he can see
Puppy has the hair in front of his eyes trimmed so he can see. Screenshot.

Maybe it is just me. Maybe when you get to the advanced age of 73 you see a potential danger in almost anything you do. This is because over those 73 years you have learnt about all the dangers, some of which have affected you. And then you use that learning process as a basis to assess other situations. This probably is why old men can be cynical, sceptical or negative and so on. Sometimes we can be optimistic, however.

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This is a cute little video but when I saw it, I was immediately concerned about those long, sharp, curved scissors being waved around, albeit precisely with a deft hand, an inch or so from this puppy’s eyes. I think the puppy is a poodle but I could be wrong of course. I believe that the video was made in China. I believe that the groomer is female and it was made in a grooming parlour for dogs or companion animals in general.

Other than the potential danger of poking the dog’s eyes out, the video also makes me wonder why breeders create dogs that grow hair with obstructs their vision. Would it not be better if there was no need to trim the hair in front of a dog’s eyes at regular intervals in their life? I suspect that nobody gives a thought to this.

As long as it looks cute then that’s enough. You can build into the maintenance costs a three-monthly trip to the dog groomer. But it is just another expense which I would think the owner could do without. And dog groomers are normally unlicensed. I am sure that that is the case in China.

This means that they are unregulated. When a business dealing with animals is unregulated there must always be a slight danger to the companion animal because the standard of care at the facility might be below that which is acceptable to avoid accidents. Once again, I’m being a little bit negative or am I being realistic?

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