Criticism of dog cafe owner who dyes dogs to look like panda cubs

A dog cafe owner in China not only has chow chow dogs dyed to look like the ever popular and cute panda cub but he also provides a service at £165 (1,500 yuan) to dye a customer’s dog in the same way. Since the criticism he has pulled the dyeing service.

Chow chow dogs dyed to look like pandas. Screenshot.

It appears that the dog cafe is popular and that customers in general like the panda-dogs but online animal advocates unsurprisingly have criticised the cafe.

“In the name of loving animals, these pet cafes just want to make money..”


Another said: “I suggest dyeing the dog owners black and white.”

For me it is wonderful to see such animal advocacy in China where I get the impression there is a lot of animal abuse. I am referring to the cat and dog meat market for instance and the fact that the last time I checked there were no animal welfare laws whatsoever.

Dog cafe owner with dog-panda. Screenshot.

A video of the cafe has gone viral. You might be able to see the video if you click on this link. I say ‘might’ because it is on a Chinese website and it loads slowly. It is also an insecure website but it does work.

Of course there are those who defend the right of the cafe owner (a young man) to dye his dogs in this way but I suspect that the majority of commenters disagree with it even in China. It looks and feels wrong to people who are sensitive to animal welfare. Thankfully, a growing group of people in China.

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