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Cow farmer in deep emotional bond with one of his bulls

Joar Berge (moustache_farmer) is an unusual farmer. He forms very close relationships with his animals and in this video, we see him with a bull he has named Mogli. He tells us that two years ago he carried Mogli home in his arms as “You were so small and sick. A few times we had to take you to the clinic. But your will to live has always been strong. Today you are healthy, proud and so loving guy. Thank you for your love”.

What is remarkable about the video on this page is that it transforms livestock into sentient beings. The animal no longer becomes part of a factory machine to produce meat for consumption by humans but a sentient being with emotions enabling Mogli to form a close bond with Mr Berge. This is the lesson for me. To transform livestock from nuts and bolts to sentient, loving beings.

A simple lesson. An obvious lesson. We should not need to be taught it. But at a distance when we buy a McDonald’s big Mac or a steak from the supermarket, we don’t regard the animals who gave their lives for that product as sentient beings. They are just part of the mass, meat-producing process.

Perhaps everyone should look at Mr Berge’s video. In the same way that Paul McCartney says that all abattoirs should have glass walls. Although this is a classic example of his relationship with these animals, it appears that he has the same relationship with others on his farm. And of course, a lot of people are touched by his attitude towards farming.

Mette Hjermind Dencker commented: “The world needs more people like you❤️. Thank you for being there for those loving animals❤️🙏🏼”

I can think of somebody who would be delighted to see this; Dame Joanna Lamond Lumley DBE FRGS. She puts her good health and long life down to not eating meat. You could argue that Berge is at the cutting-edge of modern life. Berge’s vision of farming should reduce meat consumption which in turn will help to minimise climate change. There is a drift towards veganism or vegetarianism. Meat-eating is on the decline.

People have their own reasons to stop eating meat. One of them must be what we see the video; a loving sentient being should not be brutally slaughtered and carved up to feed humans.

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