Couple trapped inside home for 6 days by parenting seagulls

Roy Pickard. Photo:

Roy Pickard, 77, and his wife, Brenda, 71, were trapped inside their house in Knott End, Lancashire, for 6 days because two seagull chicks were stuck in a roof canopy which caused the parents to act defensively and aggressively towards the couple resulting in Roy being attacked outside his home leading to him having to go to hospital for treatment.

Seagull and canopy. Photo:
Seagull and canopy. Photo:

“The whole thing has been terrible. I’ve not been able to go out of the front door. If I try to get out of the door, the two adult birds are right there and I’ve got no chance. It’s genuinely frightening.”


If only Roy could have freed the chicks or got someone else to do it.

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