Clickbait news media claim a dog is a chupacabra, a mysterious blood-sucking creature

NEWS AND COMMENT-HILL COUNTRY VILLAGE, TEXAS, USA: This is one of those ridiculous clickbait stories which irritate me. The headline is that a four-legged chupacabra was spotted in a garden and it terrified the house owner. She managed to photograph the animal. And what we see is a dog. The whole thing is laughable.

The chupacabra is another one of those mysterious creatures that people like to be frightened of. Humankind is a very fearful species. The chupacabra is a legendary creature in the folklore of parts of the Americas. The creature is associated with vampirism and is believed to attack and drink the blood of livestock including goats. As you might expect, the appearance of the creature varies but they normally have two legs and look a bit humanoid.

Artist's impression of a chupacabra, a two-legged humanoid creature. I think you can make up any appearance you like to this mysterious creature because it is mysterious
Artist’s impression of a chupacabra, a two-legged humanoid creature. I think you can make up any appearance you like to this mysterious creature because it is mysterious. Image: Wikipedia.

Basically, the chupacabra is a mysterious creature that people like to be frightened off and people do like to be frightened of mysterious creatures. It happens all over the world. In the UK there are mysterious big cats wandering around the countryside but there aren’t!

You tell me what you think this creature is in a comment, please. The photograph isn’t too bad so we can see right away that it is a dog of some sort, it might even be a coyote which are very common in America. And they do have yellowish-brown coats which is the colour of this mysterious creature’s coat. But this dog is stockier than a typical coyote.

The Daily Express, which is known to be a tabloid newspaper of dubious standards, describes the animal in the picture as, “A freakish four-legged creature lurking in a back garden”. As I said, it’s laughable because the animal does not look freakish to me and it can’t look freakish to anybody else. It’s about the size of a large dog “with a large tail nearly touching the ground and long protruding ears”.

In other words, it has a normal tail and normal ears for a dog!

The person who photographed the animal, Tina Kahlig, said that she was looking out into her backyard and saw the animal and thought, “Wow, what is that?” It did a couple of laps of her backyard and ate some berries that had fallen from a tree and then disappeared into the undergrowth. Sounds like a dog to me.

She then circulated the photograph on social media and one chirpy individual call the animal a chupacabra probably because they thought the word related to an unknown type of creature. And then that caught hold and we have a monstrous creature lurking around the backyard of an American home.

Tina said that some people think “it’s a cross between a coyote and a dog”. That would seem possible. Do coyotes mate with stray dogs? The answer is yes according to Bing. That would appear to be common sense because they are the same species and the coyote is a type of dog. You are bound to get hybrids. The offspring is known as a coydog.

Therefore, I suggest that this mysterious, terrifying creature described as a chupacabra is a sweet, innocent stray adult coydog. And I wish the silly news media would stop fostering people’s fear of mysterious animals. It’s about time people grew up.

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