Chinese woman living in Michigan stomps on a sea turtle nest in Florida

This is a most peculiar story but it does indicate behaviour which is highly insensitive of wildlife and to be brutally honest (and I do not wish to be racist) it does not surprise me that it is the behaviour of a Chinese national. Don’t take that as a racist remark. It is just that there are no animal welfare laws in China and it shows.

Jaqun Li, smiling in police mug shot. She poked at and stomped on a nest of sea turtles. Why?
Jaqun Li, smiling in police mug shot. She poked at and stomped on a nest of sea turtles. Why?

This Miami Beach woman was arrested on Saturday for jabbing at and stomping on a sea turtle nest. Her name is Jaqun Li, 41. It appears that she went deliberately into an area that was cordoned off by wooden stakes on the beach to protect the nests but began digging at the nest with one of the stakes. She then stomped all over the nest.

I will presume that somebody saw it and called the police because she was arrested and charged with harassing/molesting a marine turtle or eggs. This would be a 3rd° felony in Florida if she was convicted of this crime. The sentence would be a hefty fine.

She is currently being held on a US$5000 bond. Fortunately, having inspected the nest, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials have said that the eggs are undamaged.

Depending upon the species, sea turtles are listed as either endangered or threatened. They are protected by the federal Endangered Species Act 1973 and Florida’s Marine Turtle Protection Act. You have to be licensed by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission to handle sea turtles and their eggs.

P.S. Notice that she is smiling in the police mug shot. What does that tell you? She does not care and finds the whole thing amusing or it is bravado.

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