Chinese health workers “disinfect” an apartment by killing the owner’s dog with a crowbar!

NEWS AND COMMENT-SHANGRAO, CHINA: Once again the news media reports the most shocking news from China. You might have heard that the authorities in that country have a zero policy when it comes to stamping on Covid. They will stop at nothing to stop this bloody disease. In this instance the owner of a corgi, Fu, tested negative for Covid but despite that she was put into quarantine and her corgi was mercilessly and brutally killed with a crowbar in her home.

Corgi dog brutally killed by crazed health officials in China to disinfect the dog owner's apartment

Corgi dog brutally killed by crazed health officials in China to disinfect the dog owner’s apartment. Image credit: see image.

There is a video of it which I simply can’t publish on this website. But it seems that the two officials who killed the dog were not authorised to do so (but this is unclear – see below). They appear to be rogue officials and have been dismissed but is this a cover up?). It is said that the officials who killed a dog were instructed to disinfect the home. They seem to have interpreted the word “disinfect” to mean brutally kill with a crowbar a dog living in the home. It is completely mindless, cruel and idiotic.

You can’t go around like that walking all over the rights of people and their companion animals. The woman who owned the dog didn’t even have Covid. It seems to have been a panic measure without any rhyme or reason.

Later in the report on the Daily website they say that the local government admitted that the dog was killed as part of their plans to ‘disinfect’ the community. The corgi concerned has been disposed of without telling the owner what happened to the body.

Subsequently, Fu uploaded a post to social media but it is reported that she was pressured to remove it. We don’t know what the post said. It was probably heavily critical of the actions and behaviour of the two officials who so brutally killed her dog.

It is a follow-up from an earlier story in September when three cats in China were killed after testing positive for the virus without the owner’s consent.

I’m told that Beijing has no Covid policy with respect to pets and so local authorities appear to have discretion as to what to do with animals when lockdown measures take effect.

The corgi’s death sparked outrage with the hashtag #IspeakupfortheCorgiinShangrao trending on social media in protest against the killing.

Fu still does not know what happened to her dog or even if he is alive or dead. She has no idea where the body of her dog if he is dead.

I won’t describe what happened when the dog was beaten as the Daily Mail has. Let’s just say that the killing of this dog would be a crime in the UK. In fact, it would be a serious crime and the perpetrator would no doubt be imprisoned in the UK on conviction. In China it is just another day. It is legalised torture and cruelty against animals which reflects the state of the law in China regarding animal protection. There are no laws in China against animal abuse and cruelty. A barbaric uncivilised place.

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