China facing backlash from nature for its abuse of the planet (karma)

China is the world’s biggest emitter of carbon dioxide, producing 12.7 billion metric tons of emissions annually. That dwarfs U.S. emissions, currently about 5.9 billion tons annually and the US is bad. Despite being scientifically-minded I believe in karma as it is based on common sense. And in this instance karma is playing a role in China where the leadership refuses to be good neighbours to the rest of the world in terms of climate change. And in fact, in other areas of neighbourliness e.g. claiming islands in the oceans to widen their sphere of operation militarily.

China, the world's biggest emitter of carbon dioxide, produces 12.7 billion metric tons of emissions annually. That dwarfs U.S. emissions, currently about 5.9 billion tons annually.19 Jul 2023
Nature will stop China’s abuse of the planet in karma. Image: MikeB.

They insist on burning coal at ever-increasing rates to stoke up their industries to chase the Holy Grail of economics: persistent but unsustainable growth.

The country refuses to play ball and it isn’t just in terms of global warming. They kill and eat wild animals in their millions in an irresponsible way at wet markets of which there are around 20,000. The animals are killed in an unregulated and dangerous way where zoonotic diseases can be transferred from animal to human.

This is how Covid started at Wuhan or it was started in the Wuhan biolab where they were and still are playing around with bat virus or something like that. A virus escaped due to negligence and bingo we had Covid. More abuse of nature and karma came calling in the form of Covid-19 to punish China and sadly the rest of the world.

And now karma has befallen China again in the form of extreme temperatures. Yesterday on BBC weather, the presenter briefly discussed China’s weather because it is so extreme. They are suffering -50 degrees Celsius temperatures in the north as I understand it.

Frighteningly, during the summer months the country suffered +50 degrees Celsius temperatures and thereby have experienced a 100-degree Celsius swing in ambient temperatures in that country which must be a world record.

This is nature calling and fighting back. It is a backlash from nature. It is nature screaming at China to pay heed to protecting the planet and not be so selfish and human-centric. To be so blind and greedy in constantly chasing economic success unsustainably. But China is not listening. It is deaf to demands for reasonable and sensible behaviour to protect the planet.

And that blind chase for money has led to huge problems with debt by large companies including in the home building sector where a couple of huge businesses are on the brink of collapse because of unsustainable debt accrued in a chase for financial profit.

Thousands of apartments are unsold as China desperately tries to prop up these ailing businesses to protect the wider economy. It is another example of economic greed by China.

Other counties, i.e. other peoples, can’t stop this behaviour but nature can and will. Nature is bigger and stronger than humankind. It’ll make living in China untenable if they carry on as they are. Karma will have come and finally stopped China’s misbehavior.

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