Celium is a 100 per cent bio-based ‘leather’

It is nice to report on a product which substitutes leather. I think people forget that leather is the skin of an animal which has been cured and turned into a commercial product. But ultimately it is part of an animal and sometimes that simple fact is lost in commercialism.

Celium is a 100 per cent bio-based ‘leather’

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It is nice to be able to report on a substitute for the skin of an animal. The Times reports that at Copenhagen Fashion Week the fashion label, Ganni, presented an industry-first line of products made of Celium. This substitute leather is based on the fermented drink kombucka.

Celium is the invention of Polybion, a Mexican start-up. The process includes taking agricultural fruit waste which is fed to bacteria to create a slime. This is treated sustainably in a tannery. The end product is embossable, dyeable and robust. It is carbon-negative and it is entirely plastic free in its organic form. In short, it is very environmentally friendly.

Fashion items from Ganni include a candy floss-coloured handbag, miniskirt and sleeveless jacket. This is the year of eco-friendly materials but unfortunately they cost several times the amount of conventional products.

The co-founder of Ganni, Nicolaj Reffstrup said: “We are happy to take on that premium because we see it as our responsibility.”

Comment: how about that! This must be great news for animal advocates and environmentalists. Anybody interested and concerned with protecting the planet and animals should be interested in this development.

My thanks to The Times hardcopy newspaper for this good news today.

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