Clickbait news media claim a dog is a chupacabra, a mysterious blood-sucking creature

Chupacabra or a coydog?

NEWS AND COMMENT-HILL COUNTRY VILLAGE, TEXAS, USA: This is one of those ridiculous clickbait stories which irritate me. The headline is that a four-legged chupacabra was spotted in a garden and it terrified the house owner. She managed to photograph the animal. And what we …

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Retired man burned to death protecting his friend’s dog in the back of his car in the Hawaii wildfires

Trejos and Sam

You might have heard of the Hawaii wildfires. Specifically, they were on the island of Maui. They’ve claimed 96 lives so far. Jeff Bogar lived on the island. He is a retired Maui fire captain. His close friend was Franklin Trejos. All the accounts say …

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5 dog breeds you should know more about before you buy

12-week-old cockapoo is adorable when being professionally groomed

Ben the Vet has made a really nice TikTok video about five dog breeds that people frequently underestimate. What he means is that people who want to buy a dog are sometimes attracted to these five dog breeds mainly because their appearance is so impressive …

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Why people cry more for their dog than their husband or wife

Richard Coles

Richard Coles writing for The Sunday Times has made a very wise observation about the pain felt by the owner of a dog or cat on their passing. A lot of people realise that they cried more on the death of their dog or cat …

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Lost sailor, Tim Shaddock, says poignant goodbye to the dog who kept him sane but is he lying to himself?

OPINION: You have probably read about Tim Shaddock and his dog, Bella, who he adopted before going on an improbable voyage across the Pacific which went badly wrong leaving him stranded at sea for two months, lost, with his dog Bella who kept him sane. …

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German Shepherd’s unsuitable for the White House unless specifically trained and socialised as Biden’s dogs have bitten staff


President Joe Biden loves German Shepherds (GSD). But, arguably, the German Shepherd breed of dog is unsuited to life at the White House unless specifically trained to deal with it. This may be indicated by the fact that both of Pres Joe Biden’s German shepherds, …

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Globalists are calling for people to have the right to marry animals. True or false?

True or false that globalists are calling for people to have the right to marry animals? It’s on Twitter. A tweet by CBKNEWS121 states that the World Economic Forum (WEF) says that it is time to legalise sex and marriage with animals “to promote inclusiveness”. …

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