AI can identify every tweet – from birds!

AI used to detect bird calls

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a very powerful tool. There will be millions of ways to use it provided it doesn’t develop to the point where it uses us! Conrad Young has created an artificial intelligence service called which can analyse recordings of birdsong and …

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Bird plumage made less colourful by global warming

Eurasian Blue tit

After a 15-year study from 2005-2019 scientists from UPV/EHU and the Centre d’Ecologie Fonctionnelle et Évolutive in Montpellier (CEFE-CNRS) Decided that global warming is making the plumage of blue tits less colourful. They call this a “plastic change” as opposed to a genetic change in …

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Texas: a battleground between developers and conservationists over the golden-cheeked warbler

Golden-cheeked warbler

Housing estate developers are in competition with conservationists and at the centre of this battle in the state of Texas, USA is the golden-cheeked warbler. This is a paradigm case of the constant friction between conservationists and commercial enterprises. Commerce wants to destroy habitat, to …

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