Hibernating bears don’t develop deep vein thromboses yet humans can develop one when flying economy class

Hibernating bear

The deep vein thrombosis does not trouble the hibernating bear. And yet, sometimes when humans take an economy class flight for a few hours they run the risk of developing a deep vein thrombosis. What is the difference between a bear and a human under …

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Tom Cruise denied access to Svalbard for filming with helicopters because of the polar bears

Svalbard polar bear capital of the world which Tome Cruise wants to exploit

Svalbard, Norway, is an Arctic Archipelago. It is said to be the polar bear capital of the world with a polar bear population of 3000 and the human population of 2700. Tom Cruise is filming the eighth instalment of Mission Impossible. It is called Mission: …

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Giant panda edging away from extinction due to Chinese conservation efforts

Giant Panda

The giant panda is, in my words, edging away from the possibility of extinction thanks to captive breeding programs by the Chinese and overall efforts in terms of their conservation. Chinese scientists in China are pleased with the rise in the number of giant pandas. …

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Black bear strolls down busy street in Whistler looking for ice cream

Black bear wanders down the street in Whistler British Columbia well pedestrians look on

Melissa Alves captured this video for her TikTok account of a black bear walking through a busy shopping area in Whistler Village, British Columbia heading towards Cow’s Ice Cream looking for a snack. The pedestrians look on. They react in different ways but calmly. One …

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