Camera trap video: fox eating food with homeopathic treatment for mange

The homeopathic mange treatments for foxes that I am using are Psorinum and Arsenicum & Sulphur. I have yet to try the latter but have used the former and can confirm that it works nicely. It is gentle too and it does not put the foxes off from eating the food. For the first two weeks you add 10 drops to their food. After two weeks I gave them five drops on their food for a month and now it is down to 2 drops. I have done this before many years ago when I fed a fox with chicken treated with this homeopathic medicine. That experiment was successful. The treatment is free when provided by a charity in Rushden, North Hants, UK. They are called NFWS (click to go to their website). They are very helpful. Excellent charity.

Homeopathic mange cure for foxes
Homeopathic mange cure for foxes. Photo: AHR.

You can also buy the treatment from the Wildlife Aid Foundation for £5 and from Derbyshire Fox Rescue. They say that it is important that a fox gets good food as well as the treatment to successfully combat this awful disease. It can take several weeks for the treatment to take effect but it does. It is important to catch it early as I did. I’ve been treating two siblings actually. I know their mother and I have known the siblings since they were small cubs. They are now almost fully grown and I noticed that one of them was scratching badly causing bleeding. This prompted me to take action.

I put down two bowls of food, one for each sibling, to avoid them fighting over the food. This is to prevent them making noise in the evening. I don’t want to disturb my neighbours because some neighbours don’t like foxes. They certainly don’t like people feeding or treating foxes as I am. Therefore discretion is important. Using two bowls appears to work nicely because they had been really quite silent for quite a long time now.

A badger also gets involved looking for food. It appears, though from the camera trap videos that the foxes have eaten the food before the badger turns up. I had thought that the badger was eating the food first because the bowls did not smell of foxes. I was pleased that I was wrong. I am thrilled that my two sibling foxes are eating the food that I put down for them and appear to be almost cured of their mange. When the mange subsides I know it makes them happy because my first “patient” rolled around in delight on the lawn outside the flat where I then lived indicating to me that for the first time in a long time he wasn’t itching.

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