California wildfires 2020: dog chases coyote and gets lost

Greg Skeens’ dog, Buck, chased a coyote because he’s a puppy and Skeens’ home was surrounded by flames causing wildlife to run out of the forest towards his home. As Skeens said, coyotes can eat dogs but Buck didn’t realise that. This is another story emerging from California’s 2020 wildfires. The state’s governor thinks that the severity of the fires is due to global warming.

It was one big orange flame all the way around the house, and I thought, I thought we were going to die”. – Greg Skeens

Firefighter saves Buck
Firefighter saves Buck. Screenshot from video.

Firefighters put out the flames near the decking of his home. Then the wild animals emerged from the surrounding hills onto Skeens’ property.

Then Buck began “chasing a coyote three times his size”. Buck never returned and he thought he was gone forever.

Thankfully, firefighters saved the day again and found him further down the fire line. They took him to animal control where he was thankfully reunited with Skeens.

As soon as she handed him over to me, he got all happy. He didn’t want me to go anywhere”.

Buck had latched onto his leg and wouldn’t let go.

It is very concerning and sad that in 2020 it appears to outsiders that California is suffering the same sort of catastropic wildfires that they suffered in 2018 and which caused such devastation to property, human lives and animal lives.

I have recently written about a mom and daughter saving the life of a cat in a home surrounded by flames. What is remarkable about the story is that she saved the life of a cat belonging to a stranger who had posted a message on a smart phone application requesting help. I suppose that when push comes to shove and under dire and emergency conditions, people look out for each other more than normal. It creates social cohesion. There is more comaraderie.


Please note that sometimes videos disappear because they are removed at source. I have no control over that and if it has happened I apologise.

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