British crocodile expert admits to multiple acts of bestiality with 42 dogs

Adam Britton, 51, began his offending in 2014 and tortured and sexually exploited more than 42 dogs until his arrest in April 2022
Adam Britton, 51, began his offending in 2014 and tortured and sexually exploited more than 42 dogs until his arrest in April 2022

NEWS AND COMMENT-AUSTRALIA: This story is shocking; so shocking that the judge in court, Chief Justice Michael Grant, asked the public and security staff to leave the courtroom where the offender was attending court because the facts of the case had the ability to shock people. The judge genuinely thought that the facts had the potential to cause ‘nervous shock’ they were that bad.

And the perpetrator of these acts of bestiality, which he has admitted after his arrest, is a married British zoologist, Adam Britton who had good reputation and who has a PhD from Bristol University and who grew up in West Yorkshire before moving to Australia.

He worked for the BBC alongside his wife who had no knowledge at all of her husband’s cruel criminality. He ran an animal shelter in Australia and he began offending in 2014. He admits to torturing and sexually exploiting more than 42 dogs which she referred to as ‘F****** toys’. He was arrested in April 2022.

In Australia he was an academic at Charles Darwin University in northern Australia. It is reported that he used Gumtree Australia to target pet owners across the Darwin area who agreed to give up their companion dogs because they were travelling or because of work commitments.

He would build a rapport with people who were thinking of giving up their dogs until they agreed to do so. And if and when the people who relinquished their dogs to him later on asked for an update, he said that all was well and they were happy and I settled in well. He was spinning a false narrative because he was torturing and raping their dogs.

This all came out in court which I presume is a hearing to set his sentence because he pleaded guilty. Perhaps there will be a court order for a mental health report on this man.

He moved to Australia 20 years ago. He was fascinated with crocodiles. He had Telegram accounts. This is the secretive messaging service on mobile phones. He used his account to communicate with like-minded people who liked to share their stories and images. He discussed his kill count using this method of communication.

He said to one recipient of his messages that he had urges to commit these acts of bestiality and cruelty and that he could not repress it. He said that he had suppressed it for a while but in the last few years he said that “I let it out again, and now I can’t stop. I don’t want to.”

In order to entice people to give up their dogs he said that his old dog had died of cancer and he wanted a new family member. He said that that tactic hardly ever failed.

No doubt we will hear about his sentencing. I don’t think that there has ever been criminality of such a severe nature against dogs in terms of torture and cruelty.

Source: Twitter and the Daily Mail.

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