Brian Cox on the House Oversight subcommittee hearing on UFOs

US government military officials give evidence as they see it at a Congressional hearing on UFOs
US government military officials give evidence as they see it at a Congressional hearing on UFOs. Screenshot.

The ‘UFO thing in Congress’ as Brian Cox nicely describes it in his tweet is the House Oversight subcommittee hearing on UFOs which are officially called “unidentified aerial phenomena” or UAPs. At this hearing three former military US officials said that they believe the government knows much more about UFOs than they are telling the public and that the US has possession of non-human biologics. The word “biologics” means, as I understand it, biological matter of aliens. The aliens who crashed their spacecraft on planet Earth.

To put it in another way, these American military officials say that aliens are visiting earth and that the US government has evidence of it but are keeping stumm about it. If you look at the video of the officers giving their evidence to the committee you see what I would say are conspiracy theorists behind them listening intently. They are the ones who believe that aliens have and are visiting planet Earth.

And so, the question arises as to whether you believe their testimony. A lot of people do believe that aliens have visited. Perhaps the best person to discuss that topic is Prof Brian Cox who is a person I greatly admire. He is a very sensible, smart and knowledgeable guy.

On Twitter he responded to it with the following tweet:

What Brian Cox thinks about the UFO hearing in Congress.

In short, he would like to believe it but he needs more evidence and that would apply to me and many other people.

It would take a bit of the pressure off our civilisation if we weren’t the only means within the Milky Way by which the Universe understands itself. Sadly, as of today, I still feel that pressure, so can we perhaps focus on not messing our world up rather than hoping that, to paraphrase Sagan, someone will float down to save us from ourselves.”

Professor Brian Cox.

It looks like three sensible guys are spouting off at an official hearing about incredible things without solid evidence. Perhaps these guys are also conspiracy theorists. It is a bit like mystery sightings of big cats in the US and UK.

Every so often someone sees a mystery cat. Always the evidence is very poor. Faith and belief is required to believe that these mystery animals exist. The same applies to UAPs. It seems that humans have a need to believe in aliens as we feel very alone in the universe; specks of insignificant dust.

Brian Cox’s tweet, for me, begs the question as to what he thinks about the possibility of other life forms existing in the unimaginably vast universe. There’s a really nice video of him discussing the universe, its vastness and its unimaginable scale and physics.

The video is above and it starts at the moment he discusses the possibility of other life forms existing in the universe.

So, what has this got to do with the animal-human relationship which is the subject matter of this website? Well, of course it has everything to do with it in the same way that global warming has. It is an overarching issue.

If there really are aliens coming to planet Earth, then one day, they might reveal themselves to us. Will they be hostile or friendly? Either way, they will have an enormous impact upon life on earth. And “life on Earth” includes the human animal and the animal, all of us.

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