Billionaire saves anemic dog via Instagram

Ratan Tata
Ratan Tata when he was a bit younger. He is now 86 and he looks a little frail to be honest. Image credit: see base of page.

Ratan Tata, 86, is an Indian billionaire and he loves dogs to bits. He really does love them and he does an awful lot to help dogs and it would appear than in India they need help because there are far too many stray dogs. Despite being tolerated an estimated 20,000 people in India die each year after being bitten by dogs infected with rabies.

Ratan Tata helps an anemic Mumbai stray dog through his Instagram account
Ratan Tata helps an anemic Mumbai stray dog through his Instagram account. This is the poor guy. He/she looks sad and ill. My love goes out to him and thanks to Tata he/she may survive. Image: Instagram.

Let’s talk about Ratan Tata, a great man it seems to me because he loves dogs so much that he once skipped receiving a lifetime achievement award at Buckingham Palace because one of his dogs was sick.

And he’s proved his love of dogs over and over again and on this occasion he used his Instagram account which has an enormous following two find a dog donor to help an anaemic dog. The post on Instagram in which he appealed for a donor is below.

You can see that he put out an urgent appeal to find a blood donor for a seven-month-old dog that had been admitted to his animal hospital in Mumbai suffering from anaemia.

Ratan Tata is an industrialist who oversaw Tata Group’s 2008 acquisition of Jaguar Land Rover.

In his Instagram posts he wrote: “Mumbai I need your help”.

He said that the dog was suffering from life-threatening anaemia and with the power of his enormous following on Instagram he was soon inundated with offers from pet owners. A donor was found and Ratan Tata expressed his gratitude in a follow-up post.

The man is renowned for his love of dogs. He built kennels for stray animals at his company’s global headquarters in Mumbai. And he has built a $20 million animal hospital in the city.

There are an estimated 35 million dogs living on India’s streets. This obviously something which needs to be tackled and which is not been tackled but Ratan Tata is doing his best to make their lives a little bit better.

Ratan Tata is well-known for his fondness for dogs and has taken several steps to improve their lives:

  • Bombay House Haven: The Tata Group headquarters, Bombay House, has a long tradition of welcoming stray dogs. This policy, reportedly started by JRD Tata, continued under Ratan Tata’s leadership. The dogs have a dedicated kennel with climate control, comfy beds, and even an access door for freedom of movement.
  • Social Media Advocate: Ratan Tata isn’t shy about using his social media presence to promote dog adoption and welfare. He’s shared pictures with his canine companions and even appealed for help finding blood donors for sick stray dogs.
  • Facility for strays: His love for dogs extends beyond social media. Tata Trusts, a philanthropic arm of the Tata Group, established an animal hospital in Mumbai that includes a dedicated section specifically to help stray dogs.

Overall, Ratan Tata’s love for dogs goes beyond personal affection. He has implemented policies, used his influence, and supported the creation of facilities to give stray dogs a better life.

Picture credit for image of Ratan Tata: By Universitätsarchiv St.Gallen | HSGN 028/01812 | CC-BY-SA 4.0, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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