Big-hearted homeless man and stray dogs and one cat comfort each other

I thought ‘Wow’ when I saw this. The man’s heart is bigger than can be imagined. But here it is in reality, and it is amazing. This guy is invisible to the authorities. He is a ghost. He should not be. Perhaps the animals and the human support each other in some ways. He has a family – his dog and cat companion family – and he must find ways to feed them. All we can say is ‘amazing’. But there is something terribly wrong with the world if we accept this kind of homelessness for animals and humans.

Big-hearted homeless man comforts stray dogs and one cat
Big-hearted homeless man comforts stray dogs and one cat. Image: Twitter.

It seems that in some countries that society has accepted cat and dog homelessness. People expect to see stray cats and dogs as if it is normal. But it bloody well does not have to be normal.

It is normal in one way: stray and uncared for companion animals as we see in the photo from somewhere is Asia are a product of ‘normal’ human carelessness and a slap dash attitude to companion animal ownership.

It is normal in many countries to have a sloppy attitude regarding the relationship between cats, dogs and humans. It needs to smarten up.

The fact that we accept this kind of relationship as epitomised in this photo shows that humans have turned what was the successful domestication of dogs and cats into a failure.

Across the planet, hundreds of millions of stray cats and dogs were not planned. It is a by-product of crappy human behaviour. It is failure staring back at us and yet we shrug our shoulders and accept it.

And when some major international event comes around the authorities kill all the stray animals because they clutter up the streets like litter.

It is pure crap as far as I am concerned. The problem is this: stray cats and dogs are a low priority problem. Humankind has bigger problems and that has always been the case and it will be in the future because these animals and many domestic animals are of low value.

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