Bee Cat

This is a neat bit of photoshopping by the guy who runs the Jasper Blue The Persian Instagram webpage. He is a good photoeditor. This creation caught my eye:

Bee cat. A photo-edited picture mixing a blue flat-faced Persian's face and a bee. Cool
Neat “Bee Cat” – image by Jasper Blue’s owner.

In terms of the human-to-animal relationship which is the purpose of this site, it shows how photo-editing has advanced and how it can affect our perception of the wild species. Many of the great wildlife photos are set up or photo-edited to an extent. It has to be that way as the field is so competitive. Genuine, unadulterated images are just too dull or the excellent ones are just too rare. It is unviable to wait for them to occur.

This image works well because the mean, flat face and rounded head of this extreme Persian fits well with the rounded features of a bee.

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