Avid hunter of Africa’s endangered animals is murdered

NEWS AND COMMENT [and KARMA]: Riaan Maude was a well-known endangered game hunter and the head of an organisation called Pro-Hunt Africa which organises the hunting of endangered iconic species on the African continent.

He’s been found dead next to his vehicle in Limpopo, Africa. The report is that his vehicle overheated and another vehicle pulled up. Two men got out, one of them shot him and they drove away. He was murdered in cold blood at close range. One of his guns was taken. He had two rifles in his vehicle.

Disgusting Naude is deceased thank God
Disgusting Naude is deceased thank God. Photo: Facebook/Karusek Likena.

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A cattle herder heard a gunshot and saw a Nissan truck speeding off. His murder has been confirmed by the police. Police Lt Col Mamphaswa Seabi said that they found his body lying face up with “blood on his head and face”.

The motive for the attack is currently unknown. Naude’s business was based in northern South Africa. They charge $350 per day to hunt game and $2500 to shoot a crocodile and $1500 to shoot a giraffe according to their price list.

Comment: someone like me and the many other people who are like me will probably be pleased at this news. I know I should not be pleased at the death of a person but I am. And I praise the people who killed him. Personally, I’d like to see all people involved in the cruel business of sport and trophy hunting removed. I’m not going to recommend that they are killed because that might be criminal. I’m just going to say that they should be removed from their positions as organisers of trophy hunting, their businesses closed and the sport should be banned entirely worldwide.

It is a ghastly throwback to, I don’t know, 100 years ago when rich people in their ignorance thought that hunting large animals, particularly predators, was a good pastime. Lions and other iconic species existed in huge numbers a hundred years ago. The lion and tiger were considered to be pests in those far-off days. And this attitude has been brought forward. People have not discarded it and moved into a modern way of life with modern attitudes. Riaan Naude was an ignorant, cruel ********.

Perhaps one of the worst aspects of trophy hunting is that these ghastly people always justify it in the name of conservation and that it is good for the inhabitants of South Africa. They say that it brings money to villages and so on. And the money is used in conservation. BS. The money goes into the pockets of corrupt officials.

Sport hunting in Africa is having a known detrimental effect to the conservation of many iconic species including lions. It is affecting their behaviour. It is affecting the genetic diversity of lions. It is weakening their survivability. It is hastening their complete demise in the wild. It cannot be justified and it needs to stop. Killing this horrible man is one small step in that direction.

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