Are eco-warriors becoming burnt out by the bad news on climate change?

We have to think of the eco-warriors fighting on behalf of humanity to jolt the politicians into action to do something tangible to protect the planet from global warming. It is claimed that they are becoming burned out and they need to “go on retreat to ease [the] pain of bleak climate data”, according to The Times newspaper.

A former UN climate chief, Christiana Figueres, believes that eco-warriors need support to stop them becoming burned out by the endless stream of data from the scientists which indicate that our leaders are not doing enough to curb climate change.

Eco-warrior as imagined by DALLE E 3 an AI computer
Eco-warrior as imagined by DALLE E 3 an AI computer

Christiana was an architect of the 2015 Paris agreement which was so hyped up and welcomed by the world but since 2015 not a lot has been achieved as far as I can tell.

Christiana was the former executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. She said:

“I’m very grateful for the fact that young people are not giving up. They continue to insist that they have a right to a dignified and prosperous future. I worry that there is now so much pain in the system in general, both in young and not-so-young people, so much pain because the data points are so stark.”

She is fearful that the activists might become debilitated through a “circle of firing squads and infighting” or “because we are all just getting exhausted and burnt out.”

She added that she was “dedicating a serious part of my time and effort to offer some tools for personal resilience”. She is “organising regional retreats for climate community members, to strengthen the inner core [mentally], to see where their strength lies and re-energise that and go back out. It is my invitation, but we have offered this opportunity to quite a few hundred people. It stems out of my own pain: when you’re in pain you can see the pain in the other person better.”

The first retreat took place in 2022. There was a focus on “mindfulness” and “meditation”.

Further information on eco-warriors from that redoubtable assistant of mine: Bing’s co-pilot

Eco-warriors, those passionate advocates for our planet, often find themselves navigating a delicate balance. Their unwavering commitment to environmental causes can sometimes lead to emotional exhaustion, especially when confronted with the relentless stream of distressing news about climate change. Let’s explore this further:

  1. Ancient Wisdom and Resilience:
    • Indigenous communities across the Sahel in Africa have been quietly safeguarding the Earth for centuries. Despite comprising less than 5% of the global population, they protect a staggering 80% of the planet’s biodiversity. Their practices, rooted in thousands of years of land management, sustainability, and climate adaptation, offer a beacon of hope.
    • Techniques like Zai, revived in Burkina Faso, exemplify this wisdom. Small pits filled with compost, manure, and seeds trap scarce water, combatting unpredictable rainfall due to global warming. These practices are also used across Niger, Mali, Senegal, and Chad, demonstrating that ancient knowledge endures and works.
  2. Australia’s Aboriginal Fire Management:
    • For millennia, Australia’s Aboriginal people have harnessed fire as a tool for land management. Their cultural and spiritual connection to the Earth drives practices like “cultural burning.” By intentionally burning land, they maintain its health, enhance biodiversity, and prevent wildfires.
    • Victor Steffensen, an indigenous fire practitioner, has been teaching these methods for two decades. His predictions about Australia’s bushfire disaster in 2018 underscore the effectiveness of their ancient practices.
  3. Local Eco-Warriors and Frustration:
    • Closer to home, environmental activists in places like Scotland and the village of Sipson (site of BAA’s planned third runway at Heathrow) are fired up. Many have grown disillusioned with state-led solutions and renewable energy efforts, especially after the COP15 conference’s perceived shortcomings.
  4. The Call to Action:
    • Amidst the overwhelming news cycle, eco-warriors face burnout. Yet, they persist, driven by a sense of urgency. They grapple with the question: “What am I supposed to do about it?” Their resilience lies in collective action, community support, and the belief that change is possible.
    • As we mark Earth Day’s 50th anniversary, let’s recognize these climate pioneers who draw strength from ancient wisdom, cultural practices, and a shared commitment to our planet. They are the heartbeat of hope, even amidst the challenges.

In this ongoing battle for our Earth, let us stand alongside these eco-warriors, acknowledging their fatigue while celebrating their unwavering dedication. Together, we can turn the tide and create a sustainable future. 🌍🌱

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