An example of excellent cat caretaking. It ticks all the boxes.

How I trained my cats
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How I trained my cats, said the nice guy who trained them informally. Screenshot.

What’s so good about this video? For me, it is the gentleness and the patience of this guy who trains his cats informally. There’s nothing disciplinarian about it. It just happens and his cats guide him. He brings them into his life. Whatever he’s doing he allows his cats to share. They are integrated into his life which I think is exactly the way humans should live with their domestic cat companions. I like the way he trained his cats to shake hands. It was all done very informally and gently. He simply picked up his cats’ paws to get them used to it and then he fed them afterwards. A classic example of positive reinforcement training. If you do this enough times a cat will lift up his paws before you ask him because he is expecting a reward at the end of it.

I like the screenshot on this page which I’d lifted from the video below. This is such a gentle cat. He’s a ginger tabby and white random bread cat. A really beautiful cat with, in my mind, a great character as far as I can tell. This man is a good chef and he does his cooking in front of his cats. He has many videos doing this. The cats were full-time indoor cats as far as I can can tell but he decided to let them explore the outdoors on a lead and then in a basket on a bike. Pretty brave and the right thing to do. He has found a way for his cats to be stimulated and safe. And he is protecting wildlife. It is about as good as it can get for cat caretaking.

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