Americans taking horse dewormer ivermectin for Covid

NEWS AND COMMENT: This is a confusing and fluid topic. It is not a good state of affairs. Personally, it is astonishing to me, and I’m sure it is equally astonishing to many other people, that some Americans are self-administering with a horse dewormer called ivermectin in order to protect themselves against Covid and as a cure. They got the idea from Australian research last year which showed that it was effective in killing the Covid virus in laboratory tests. This led to further research on people but the results are yet to be published (see video below).

Ivermectin taken by people to cure Covid
Ivermectin taken by people to cure Covid. Screenshot.

In the meantime, this misguided (I’d say) desire to avoid vaccinations but rather take a powerful horse dewormer is causing serious illness. For example, the authorities in Oregon, USA said that dozens of people had contacted the state’s poison center after taking ivermectin, with five in hospital including two in intensive care units.

This anti-parasite treatment has been removed from shelves in some stores and limits had been imposed on online sales after hospitals reported cases of serious side effects on people taking this drug. The researchers say that ivermectin should not be taken by people. Unfortunately, in the US it has been touted on some fringe website and by some personalities as being a treatment. And the video implies that ivermectin is a good treatment for COVID. Is this correct? Is it about the size of the dose or the drug itself that is harming people as described above? People are believing the guy in the video. Is he responsible for the harm to these people?

Note: This is a video from another website. Sometimes they are deleted at source (distinctly possible in this instance) which stops them working on this site. If that has happened, I apologise but I have no control over it.

The USDA tweeted that people are not horses and they should stop taking the drug!

You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, y’all. Stop it.

As a side-effect of this, people in the business of equine health are having difficulty in getting their hands on ivermectin because too many people are buying up the product. Also, retailers are taking steps to protect the public by making it harder to buy the drug. This presumably slows supply to the equine market.

In Las Vegas, the V&V Tack and Feed shop has a sign which says that customers who want to buy ivermectin “must show a pic of you and your horse” to make sure that customers are not buying it for themselves! A shop assistant at the retailer, Christie, said that she had turned away eight people asking for it on Sunday last because she had decided that there were not genuine customers.

She mentioned that “It’s for horses up to 1500 pounds. So, you choose to give it to your child, as I had a customer do, a couple of months ago. He is now in kidney failure.”

Pray God that people switch on their brains and switch off their desire to buy a horse dewormer to treat Covid! I have had both AZ Covid jabs and feel fine and genuinely protected. The risk to serious ill-health from ivermectin is far, far higher than it is for a vaccine. It is illogical and dangerous to take ivermectin instead of an approved vaccine such as the AZ.


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