Americans ingest up to 52,000 micro-plastic particles a year

Canadian scientists conducted an extensive analysis of hundreds of “datasets” on micro-plastic contamination. They compared this information with the typical diet and consumption habits of American citizens. They decided that Americans can expect to ingest i.e. eat up to 52,000 micro-plastic particles annually.

Yuck - small versions of this is being ingested by us all and animals. Photo in public domain.
Yuck – small versions of this is being ingested by us all and animals. Photo in public domain.

If you add in pollution breathed in this makes a grand total of 121,000 particles breathed in annually.

Another alarming statistic is that if a person drank only bottled water in America they could ingest, annually, a further 90,000 plastic particles to add to the 121,000 particles mentioned above (according to this study published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology).

Researchers don’t know how many particles reach the lungs and stomach and they don’t know what sort of danger they pose. It is uncomfortable to know that we could be ingesting more than 200,000 plastic particles per year. That cannot be good for health particular the health of today’s youths.

The relevance of this article should be obvious which is that if people are ingesting so many small plastic particles every year then inevitably so are domestic cats and dogs in the home and indeed while species outside the home. Plastic is poisoning everybody and every animal literally.

My thanks to The Times hardcopy.

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