Amazon driver unaware that the cat he loved to meet had died and the video went viral

This is a social media and news media sensation in its big/little way. It is a story that has touched the hearts of many. An Amazon driver regularly delivered to the same address and got to meet the family cat who was outside. They made friends. The driver is a really sweet guy and the cat was a really sweet cat whose name was Lolly.

Yes, I have written in the past tense as on one day not long ago the as yet unnamed Amazon driver made his regular delivery and searched for Lolly to no avail. He wasn’t there because unbeknownst to the driver Lolly had just died.

The video that you see below shows us the man searching for Lolly. The video became an 8.8 million view sensation because it shows us a very tender-hearted man. And he is a tender-hearted man as you can see in the second video.

The video above lead to an outpouring of affection for the guy from visitors to the TikTok page of ‘tiredisaac’ (Tired Issac!) who published the video on his TikTok page. This then led to a desire to tell the driver that h is feline friend had passed over the Rainbow Bridge and then to buy him some presents and mementos of Lolly.

Tired Issac arranged to meet up with the Amazon driver (don’t know his name – do we know his name?) for a handover of the presents and mementos plus cards and so on. The man was very touched. Update: the Amazon driver is Evan Snow! Got it at last.

Here we meet an ‘ordinary’ guy who’s anonymous. But he is a great guy. Just surviving as best he can. He has a cat of his own. A tabby cat who’s also sweet! He loves animals and was moved by the outpouring of affection by internet users who recognised his nice behavior and character. See the text message from him below.

Here he is getting his mementos of Lolly:

So what do we take from the story? There are millions of ordinary people who deserve praise and a reward for being good and kind. Kind to animals. Respectful of others. They are to all intents and purposed ‘invisible’ but they deserve to be well-known as they are better people than many high-profile celebrities.

Here is a screenshot of his receiving his mementos and cards at his home:

Amazon driver receives his presents and Lolly mementos.
Amazon driver receives his presents and Lolly mementos. Screenshot.
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