Pedigree dogs are looked after better than mongrels

Dr Desmond Morris makes a very good point. He says that in the history of the development of the domestication…

2 months ago

Chinese slang word for food is “chow” – also meaning edible dog

There is a rather sinister history, it seems to me, behind the name of the dog breed called Chow Chow.…

2 months ago

Culprits placed firecrackers inside a pineapple and gave it to a pregnant elephant

Video screenshot. Samuel Pachuau, the Wildlife Warden of the Silent Valley National Park, Kerala, India, claimed that the culprits had…

2 months ago

Picture of many white cats among 238 rescued from house in Japan

NEWS/VIEWS - SAPPORO CITY, NORTHERN JAPAN: The story is typical in one way: a cat hoarding couple in their fifties…

3 months ago

Viruses are like weapons of mass destruction and we must be prepared

Zoonotic viruses must be treated as weapons of mass destruction says Lord Hague of Richmond (The Times). I fully agree…

3 months ago

Coronavirus China: chlorine disinfectant may pollute and damage wildlife

China sprayed entire blocks. Photo in public domain. The chlorine disinfectant that has been used in China to contain the…

4 months ago

Rabbit guardians should realise that they are caring for a social animal

In order for rabbit guardians to provide a high standard of care they should be aware that rabbits are social…

10 months ago

British public turn against firework displays because of their companion animals, antisocial behaviour and military veterans

The British public are turning against ad hoc fireworks displays. They want properly organised public displays on a one-off basis…

10 months ago

Rabbits living in solitary cages are extremely lonely

Rabbits living solitary lives are lonely and fifty percent of pet rabbits in the UK live alone.

10 months ago

Lop-eared rabbits may suffer from constant pain

A study published in the journal Vet Record found that the floppy ears of lop rabbits can lead to deafness,…

10 months ago