Cows have a very interesting social life and have friends

In respect of social bonding and friendships, a study from the Austral University of Chile found that cows behave like…

5 days ago

The story of the brokenhearted swan and how she found love again

At Highgate Ponds on Hampstead Heath, London, lived a "married" couple of swans. They were committed to be married for…

2 months ago

Goats are smarter than we realise

Wise goat - picture: YouTube. This is another study which points to a general human ignorance about the intelligence of…

3 months ago

Chimpanzees like to share experiences and it helps them bond just like humans

As is the case for humans, chimpanzees like to share experiences together and it helps them to bond. Sharing experiences…

1 year ago

The cost-benefit analysis of predators

Wild animal predators are constantly calculating the cost-benefit of attacking and eating another animal or in defence.

1 year ago

Ravens like humans can be affected by emotional contagion

Research suggests that ravens can experience emotional contagion further supporting their known intelligence.

1 year ago

Wasps can do a type of deductive reasoning

For centuries the arrogant human thought that deductive reasoning was the hallmark of human intelligence. Arrogant human is now awakening…

1 year ago