human behavior

Humans eat the scrotum frog to extinction

A team of experts have joined forces to try and save the scrotum frog from becoming extinct. One of the…

6 days ago

Garden lights keep birds awake

I'm afraid that homeowners who like garden lights need to consider others. The lights are disrupting birds' sleep. A study…

2 weeks ago

Post Covid-19 lockdown: prepare your dog for separation anxiety

There is a lot of talk today about puppies and adult dogs suffering from separation anxiety if and when dog…

3 weeks ago

“Dishonest signalling” may be humankind’s first attempt to speak

"Dishonest signalling" describes an animal making a sound which portrays itself as bigger than it really is. Often the purpose…

1 month ago

Facebook removes video of baby owls for breaching sex and nudity rules!

Note to Facebook: I am not criticising your business so please don't remove one of my groups :) . I…

1 month ago

In helping others we have much in common with the rat

Of course, humans like to think that they are different from animals. We are humans and "they" are animals. But…

1 month ago

Mother cows kill humans when defending their calves

It is commonplace to read stories in the newspaper of mother cows defending their calves by attacking perceived intruders aggressively.…

2 months ago

Emotional support dogs on Norwegian Air flight required emotional support themselves

In a bizarrely ironic twist of fate, French bulldog emotional support dogs, dressed in tutus were offloaded a Norwegian Air…

10 months ago

Violent urban monkey killed a man and injured 10 others in India

There is a monkey problem in India. Humans have built settlements on their habitat so they invade the places where…

1 year ago

Pet viper drinks water from a bottle held by owner

Awesome. Weird. Strange and interesting. This is a pet viper. Wow.

1 year ago