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Stark naked man chases wild boar who stole his laptop

This photograph, and others in the series, taken by Adele Landauer who happened to be in the right place at…

1 day ago

Illegally released beavers can stay on the River Otter

This is a great decision by the current government. About 15 pairs of wild beavers are living on the River…

4 days ago

Post Covid-19 lockdown: prepare your dog for separation anxiety

There is a lot of talk today about puppies and adult dogs suffering from separation anxiety if and when dog…

3 weeks ago

Facebook removes video of baby owls for breaching sex and nudity rules!

Note to Facebook: I am not criticising your business so please don't remove one of my groups :) . I…

1 month ago

Coronavirus China: chlorine disinfectant may pollute and damage wildlife

China sprayed entire blocks. Photo in public domain. The chlorine disinfectant that has been used in China to contain the…

4 months ago

Emotional support dogs on Norwegian Air flight required emotional support themselves

In a bizarrely ironic twist of fate, French bulldog emotional support dogs, dressed in tutus were offloaded a Norwegian Air…

10 months ago

Dog lies on owner’s grave

1 year ago