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Faithful dog reduced to a human level of barbaric conduct

Dogs of war cartoon

In another breach of that ancient contract between humans and dogs, sometimes the faithful dog has been reduced to a human level of barbaric conduct; fighting dogs. Dogs were trained as the dogs of war. This was not one of the terms and conditions of the original dog domestication contract. The phrase “dogs of war” …

Dogs and people exploited during coronavirus pandemic

French bulldog

There are reports of a surge in interest in adopting dogs to keep people occupied and entertained during the coronavirus lockdown in the UK. The problem is this: because of social distancing regulations people are buying purebred dogs online without doing due diligence in respect of the companion animal’s pedigree or origin. The dog is …

Romania should not be a member of the EU because of their appalling treatment of animals

Hilda (dog to be adopted by LIz Jones) in state dog pound in Craiova, Romania.

I am reading an article from the Mail Online Dated 28 April 2013. It is just before the time that Romania joined the European Union. Members of the European Union need to be in alignment on a whole range of issues including animal welfare. This must happen otherwise they don’t fit in. Greece is a …