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Picture of many white cats among 238 rescued from house in Japan

NEWS/VIEWS - SAPPORO CITY, NORTHERN JAPAN: The story is typical in one way: a cat hoarding couple in their fifties…

3 months ago

Witnesses said she pushed her golden retriever into a lake and watched it drown

Nancy Bucciarelli, 66, pushed her dog into the lake and watched it drown. Photo: © Merrimack PD A New Hampshire…

1 year ago

It is not unconstitutional to ban the retail sale of dogs and cats

Madison Borough Council's new ordinance banning the sale of cats and dogs at pet stores is constitutional.

1 year ago

St John’s woman found guilty of allowing dogs to escape tennis court and kill a cat

Crystal Smith. Photo staff photographer of A woman, Crystal Smith, living in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada, took two of…

1 year ago

Michael Gove belatedly bans circus animals in England from 2020

The UK government has introduced a Bill to ban the use of wild animals in travelling circuses. It is called…

1 year ago

Texas is getting rid of chained dogs

Dogs chained in front of houses without any shelter and without proper nutrition and water should be a thing of…

1 year ago

Brave Brigitte Bardot’s Fight for Animal Welfare

I wholly support Brigitte Bardot in her bold and brave struggle to protect animals. For me she deserves a medal…

1 year ago

Iranian Government Prohibits Dog Walking in Capital

Dog walker in Iran - now banned in Tehran The Iranian government is living in the 7th century CE in…

2 years ago