animal cruelty

Fish feel pain and humans treat them cruelly

For many thousands of years, for aeons, humans have fished both to feed themselves and for sport and entertainment. Trillions…

4 weeks ago

Trump’s government makes it legal to kill hibernating bears and their cubs in their dens

NEWS/VIEWS: Alaska, USA: it seems astonishing to me that America's federal government has introduced new rules which allow the killing…

2 months ago

Is the Queen implicated in animal cruelty?

Is the Queen of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms implicated in animal cruelty because of her involvement…

2 months ago

Coronavirus: bats get a bad press

It almost seems settled that bats in China are the origin of the coronavirus pandemic. There is a lot of…

4 months ago

NYC bans foie gras in 2022

Open the champagne, New York City (NYC) will take foie gras off the menu in 2022. NYC is the home…

9 months ago

Hypocritical British cabinet minister uses cruel electric dog collar

Thérèse Anne Coffey MP was promoted to the UK government's cabinet last week as a pensions secretary. It has been…

11 months ago

Security camera picks up pet sitter throwing puppy to a hard floor

A pet sitter commissioned under a smartphone app called Rover was recorded on a security camera throwing a defenceless Labrador…

1 year ago

Bearskin hats are still made out of genuine bearskin in 2019. Shame on the MoD.

Believe it or not, in 2019, British troops still wear genuine bearskin caps on ceremonial occasions and have failed to…

1 year ago

Animal rights campaigners protest outside Mick’s Grade A Meats

Animal rights protestors including a blind man clashed with shoppers outside Mick's Grade A Meats at Moor Market, Sheffield.

1 year ago

Moronic celebrities with primates as pets encourage animal abuse and hurt conservation

Celebrities who keep monkeys as pets are moronic and are doing a disservice to this wild species by often causing…

1 year ago