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Fire leaves one resident injured and his/her cat dead


Temple, Texas, USA: a cat companion died on Friday last and a local resident was injured when fire broke out in a mobile home. The fire was reported just after 10:45 AM on Friday. The property was on fire with flames coming out of the windows when the fireman arrived. They brought the fire under control quite quickly. The injured resident suffered smoke inhalation and burns after re-entering the home. The person declined medical treatment and the fire is under investigation.

Temple Fire & Rescue photo

Comment: it looks as if the resident re-entered his or her home before the firefighters arrived in order to try and recover her pet cat. That is a suggestion from me no more. But it is quite commonplace for cat owners to go into their burning home to recover their cat or cats such as the bond between them.

However, far too often cats are killed in fires while their owners escape. I believe more can be done to save cats under these circumstances. Their deaths implies that they are indoor cats and locked in. There should be an escape route for them.

Reported on the KWTX website


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