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Brilliant dog rescue will have you on the edge of your seat

Screenshot from video.

This is a real struggle. They succeed in the end. I just love the way these guys found a way to save this dog. And I love the way the dog was passive knowing that he was going to be rescued. He was dependent upon the people and he knew it. It’s a video about good human behaviour. There’s goodness in it which we need more of. I guess when push comes to shove, when the going is difficult, the good side of people comes out. And I think there is an inherent sensitivity in people towards animals. This is despite the fact that we see far too much animal cruelty because there is a percentage of people who are damaged and to varying degrees psychopathic towards animals.

In the video, we wait patiently for that extra person to turn up to extend the chain of people to allow the rescue to be completed successfully. We know what is needed and it takes a while for that to happen. This is what creates the tension and the jubilation when their goal is achieved. All credit to the first guy to go down into the water. He kicked the whole thing off and I would like him to be rewarded in some way. Perhaps he doesn’t need a formal reward. His reward is knowing that he did the right thing. It’s great for the self-esteem and ultimately confidence.


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