Hunter Tess Talley tries to justify her trophy hunting and fails

Tess Tally and the black giraffe she killed
Tess Tally and the black giraffe she killed

I can’t watch this. I just can’t because it is too sickening, both her hunting and her idiotic attempts to justify it. But here is her attempt nonetheless. I gather from the tweet that she failed because she ends up admitting that she is a hunter not a conservationist. Yes, we can agree that.

Like all trophy hunters she has an immutable belief that it is alright to kill animals for fun. It is completely hardwired into her brain. This can only have happened because she was taught it during the first years of her life. For that I have to blame her father and mother. They are the enemies of animals. You can’t inherit this sort of belief. It has to be taught.

She must be mad to have said this without any shame or feeling whatsoever:

“I got the gun case made, and I have decorative pillows made out of him, and everybody loves them,” she laughed.

Tess Talley