Rebellious cockatoo vandal removes anti-bird spikes from building

This smart cockatoo decided to entertain himself (or herself) by lifting a long line of anti-bird spikes from a building…

2 weeks ago

Couple trapped inside home for 6 days by parenting seagulls

Roy Pickard. Photo: Roy Pickard, 77, and his wife, Brenda, 71, were trapped inside their house in Knott End,…

4 weeks ago

Driver avoids speeding fine because flying pigeon obscures his face

Never criticise the humble pigeon again, please. The pigeon is considered a pest by many. I see them as having…

2 months ago

Nightingale songbird thrives in Berlin’s messy parks

In comparison to England's Garston Wood (where you would expect the nightingale to live contentedly but does not) the messy…

2 months ago

We should cohabit pleasantly with seagulls

The seagull has been demonised as a nuisance and a pest. A lot of the problem stems from the fact…

2 months ago

Ravens like humans can be affected by emotional contagion

Research suggests that ravens can experience emotional contagion further supporting their known intelligence.

2 months ago

Bird feeders can affect bird evolution

It's an interesting thought but bird feeders appear to have affected the evolution of some birds. Researchers at Oxford University…

2 months ago