Nine sacred deer die after eating plastic

Nine sacred deer have died after eating plastic at a Japanese park where they are considered messengers of the Shinto…

1 week ago

Australia: The contradiction between logging national park trees and killing feral cats

It has been well documented that the authorities across the Australian continent are desperate to keep down the population size…

1 week ago

Europeans don’t want to have kids. Is this because they no longer like the world?

There is an article in The Times today which talks about the fall in the Italian birthrate but it goes…

2 weeks ago

Majestic bull elephant, an asset to the community, shot by trophy hunter in Namibia

The patriarch of Namibia's shrinking population of desert elephants has been shot dead by a trophy hunter. The majestic male…

2 weeks ago

America sucks on recycling of waste (and some startling statistics)

Trash in the US. Photo in public domain. Americans recycle just 25% of their municipal waste compared to Germany which…

2 weeks ago

Russia botches release of orcas and beluga whales

The Russian organisers of the release of six beluga whales and two killer whales from captivity into the wild have…

3 weeks ago

Forest the size of Peru has been chopped down since 2010 to grow food

A forest size of Peru has been chopped down since 2010 in order to feed people across the planet. Forests…

1 month ago

We’ve had Dieselgate now we are going to have Petrolgate

Most of us know that there was a scandal recently (ongoing) about how manufacturers of diesel cars - and I'm…

1 month ago

Beavers can heal a lot of the ecosystems that humans have destroyed

Goldfarb says that the beaver in Britain does good and there should be more reintroductions into the wild.

2 months ago

Washingtonians will be turning dead bodies into compost

In Washington State, USA they are planning to turn dead bodies into, earthy, high quality, dry and fluffy compost. A…

2 months ago